Basic Course in Laparoscopy Practicing surgeons, Gynaecologists and Post Graduate students ate the target group This course is designed to impart training in basic laparoscopic skills, knowledge in theoretical aspects of minimal access surgery. This consists of Endo trainer sessions, didactic lectures, wet labs and OT surgeries. Sessions give special attention to setting up of basic laparoscopic units. Theory part will be handled by expert faculties in this field. Endo trainer sessions will be handled by Mr. Prakash Babu, a veteran with more than two decades experience in Endo trainer training.

He was a trainer for many renowned minimal access surgeons in south India.

The lectures, presentations and OT sessions will be handled by eminent faculties under the leadership of Dr SK Ajaiyakumar who is a renowned Minimal access and Bariatric surgeon, former Additional Professor of Surgery in Govt. Medical college Trivandrum.

To his credit, he has performed;
1. First Bariatric surgery in Govt. Medical College Trivandrum. It is the first endeavor in public sector hospitals in Kerala.
2. First endoscopic thyroidectomy in Govt. Medical College Trivandrum.

Laparoscopic Surgery Training Schedule [Basic Course]

Training starts daily at 10 AM except Tuesday & Friday
Day Pelvic Trainer Live surgery
Tuesday  9-5 pm  6 pm
 Wednesday  10-5 pm  6 pm
 Thursday  10-5 pm  6 pm
 Friday  NA  9 am to 6 pm
 Saturday  10-5 pm  No Surgery

Note: • Working Lunch will be provided on all days. • The training programme will start from Tuesday and will conclude on Saturday.

The type of cases (depending on the availability) for basic course are as follows :